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What started off as a small leak round the edge of a shower base, turned into a bit of technical challenge last week! The customer wanted a new bathroom installation, but was concerned about a leak around their shower unit. It had been causing constant issues in trying to get rid of all the moisture in the bathroom. No matter if they mopped up after a shower, left the fan on, or left the window open there was always still moisture in the bathroom.

Turns out the previous installers had decided to directly cover over the old drainage channel which was literally sitting full with old water. The poor tiling, and the fact that the main pipework had been buried inside the tiled wall, didn’t make us feel confident about anything else we might find!

Regardless, we cleared out all the old tiles and rubble and began the process of fitting a new Toilet, sink and radiator into the new room from HiB. The roof was recovered using white & silver edged roof boards, with the walls being redone with grey grunge effect wet wall panels. The perfect way to seal off a new bathroom installation!

Although the shower was an off the shelf model, the toilet and sink unit are from our HiB range, which we’ll soon be selling via our online shop! So check back for some massive savings over RRP!

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