Emergency Bathroom Repair

West Lothian Bathroom Repair

Our stylish HiB themed bathrooms are proving more popular than ever, and after our new client discovered a slightly soft floor in their bathroom, they called us for a bathroom repair and asked to install a HiB bathroom suite. No problem for Purdie Property Maintenance!

On first inspection, although clearly from a previous decade, the bathroom furniture was in not bad condition. However, the floor underneath was very soft, and the decision was made to rip everything out and start from scratch once the leak had been repaired.

As you can see from the pictures below, the wooden floor panels were very rotten, and in some places had rotten away completely with only the tiles above stopping a big hole from forming under the shower cubicle.

A good day was spent ripping out the old bathroom and all the old tiles. We then renewed all the copper pipework and plumbed in new waste pipes for the sink, shower and toilet.

bathroom repair

The client wanted a bright, but not all white, bathroom. We chose to keep things very minimalist with white tiles and furniture, with dark oak as the main highlight colour for the freestanding sink and toilet block, with a dark granite for the floor using click-fit flooring panels.

Again, the customer liked our mirrors and chose a backlit HiB mirror to replace there standard one. We can’t stress how much it lifts and lights up the rest of the bathroom when it’s illuminated.

Lastly we upgraded the shower with a quality 3kw power shower and fitted a chrome radiator that matches the chrome surrounds on the shower enclosure.

If you’re looking for high quality, long lasting bathroom furniture, the only choice is HiB.

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