Bespoke Bathroom Upgrade

After seeing our new HiB products online this customer came into our showroom and fell in love with one of the HiB mirrors. They had just bought radiator and didn’t want replace it again. So we came up with a bespoke bathroom that used her existing radiator and built round that.

Nestled in the stunning Golf Resort of Deer Park, this customer was eager to use our new HiB products, but to still keep the cost down by using her existing radiator.

Over a period of 4 days we managed to tranform the bathroom into one with a very rustic and contemporary feel. New shower panels, HiB furniture with chrome finishing throughout, finished off with freshly laid new vinly click flooring.

What I think makes the room stand out the most, apart from the backlit mirror, is the feature line of shower panels that halves the bath and almost makes the room look twice as big.

If you’re looking for high quality, long lasting bathroom furniture, the only choice is HiB.

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