Kitchen Improvements


Sometimes a brand new kitchen is just too expensive. However, there is another option; why not upgrade instead?

By keeping your existing appliances you can save yourself a lot of money and just upgrade or change your wall units to freshen the place up a bit.

At our latest job the customer wanted just this. To keep her existing Bosch appliances and freshen up her kitchen with new units, bunker and some new flooring.

As you can see from the pictures below we think it’s a great improvement, with the top red highlights adding to the style of the kitchen. The old floor tiles were also lifted and replaced with Howden’s own laminate flooring that was also picked to match the colour of the replacement worktop. In the penultimate picture you can also see how the combi boiler has been hidden in it’s own little cupboard to try and reduce the cluttered look.

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Bathroom Upgrade


Back in our home town of Blackburn we’ve been working on a Bathroom Upgrade using the latest HiB bathroom furniture.


New Kitchen


An entire new kitchen complete with a breakfast bar was what was required at our latest project in West Lothian.


Window & Door Upgrade


This past week we’ve been working closer to home to with a new set of windows and door required for a small semi-detached property in Blackburn.


New Bathroom Suite


We were over the bridge in Fife last week after a bit of leak in the bathroom upstairs meant an entire new bathroom suite, walls and flooring were required!


Porch Refurbishment


The recent crazy weather had had an effect on almost everyone’s properties. From broken trampolines to leaking roofs we’ve had several calls to repair weather damage.


UPVC Doors


When it comes to choosing the correct front door for your property there are a lot of things to consider. Do you want timber or aluminium frames, or should you really trust uPVC doors?


New Flooring & Bathroom


We travelled a little further a field for our latest job in Erskine. However it had to be completed as soon as possible due to a rotten floor that needed replaced.


Contrasting Bathroom Suite

After seeing our previous bathroom work we were asked to do a similar job in Whitburn.
Except this time we used darker colours for the shower tiles and a black radiator to match the theme.