New Facings

Freshen up your Home with New Facings

After successfully completed this young couple’s new kitchen in Blackburn, we were asked back to replace the hall flooring, hall skirting and door facings.

As you can see the old floor came up easy enough and the old facings weren’t fixed in particularly well and came off no trouble at all.

Using Howden‘s own brand of flooring (picked by the customer) it was very easy to fit due to the quality of the product, with hardly any off cuts or bad panels.

The hall skirting really lifted the hallway mood and made it much brighter. With the new bedroom and living room doors being oak in colour, the white facings round the edges really brings out the colour of the wood and makes everything feel much more homely.

The kitchen was also treated to some new chrome trim, expertly cut on-site, and fitted to perfection!

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