New Garage Doors

Garage Door Replacement in Blackburn

The cold winter and strong winds had certainly taken it’s toll on this old set of garage doors. Retrofitted with new hinges last winter after they blew off in high winds, these doors have served their last winter! It was now up to us to replace them with something a bit more modern!

As cars were no longer being taken in and out of the garage, the decision was made to frame off the opening and fit a central set of sliding doors that could never get caught in the wind and blown off again!

After the old doors and frame were removed, a wooden frame was constructed at either side, with the necessary protective layers fitted both inside and out. Once the door was fitted and secured in place, the sides were finished off with matching slatted panels, all caulked into place with expert precision!

However, what made this job slightly different to the rest is it’s our apprentice, Declan’s first solo job! Still under the watchful eye of father Peter, the client was exceptionally impressed with the final product! Keep an eye on our blog or our Facebook page to keep up with Declan’s progress!

The old set of wooden doors with more holes than a piece of swiss cheese.
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