New Kitchen

Fancy a New Kitchen?

An entire new kitchen complete with a breakfast bar was what was required at our latest project in West Lothian.

As always we started with the design aspect of the job and priced up new flooring, wall units and appliances based on a white and stone grey colour scheme.

All of the appliances had to be brushed aluminum, which compliments the stone grey and white very well. With the breakfast bar being just a touch lighter than the wall panels it’s easier on the eye and doesn’t look out of place. The kitchen stools look absolutely fantastic and really add to the look.

Our final touch was to add down-lighters to the upper units and LED lights running along the bottom of the units to illuminate the floor.

If you like this new design do get in touch, and be sure to keep up to date as we’ll be back at this location very soon to install some new laminate flooring and facings!

Drop us a message to get a quote for new kitchen today!

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