New Stadium Signage

Blackburn United get New Stadium Signage!

Almost 5 years ago, Purdie Worldwide decided to sponsor not only the local Blackburn United team, but to also sponsor the stadium. Since then, New Murrayfield Park has been called the Purdie Worldwide Community Stadium. Temporary Stadium Signage had been added a good few years ago, but the weather had gotten the better of it, and it had become dirty and almost unreadable. So as part of the Purdie brand, the team at Purdie Property Maintenance stepped up to create a more permanent sign to replace it.

old faded sign at the purdie worldwide community stadium
The old faded sign we were replacing

Stadium Signage Design & Manufacture

At the request of the club, we were asked if we could make the new sign in the club colours, instead of the Purdie brown as seen on the existing sign. By sticking with the black and white we were keeping within the club colours and providing a big contrast to make the sign a bit more prominent.

new signage options
The 2 options on offer, both in the club colours

The club decided to go for the all black sign with white vinyl text. This meant it would be relatively cheap and easy to manufacture. Thanks to our friends at Scot Signs Ltd, they supplied us with 2x Dibond panels measuring 1220mm tall and 2440mm wide each. These came in black, so we wouldn’t need to cover a white panel with black vinyl. 

The idea was to have both of these panels side by side to make up an almost 5m long sign, and just over 1m tall. The dibond panels are used all over the world to make signs with. As the name suggests the are a combination of 2 materials. A hardened plastic 3mm core with 2 layers of aluminum top and bottom for strength and protection. So not only are dibond panels lights, they are relatively strong, and perform much better than traditional corex signage. A perfect choice for the new stadium signage!

purdie worldwide community stadium making new sign
Adding the vinyl to the black dibond sign panels

Stadium Signage Installation

Along with the dibond panels, we purchased 10 metres of white long life vinyl for the letters. The vinyl lettering we used has a life-span of between 7-9 years, so the sign should last until 2030 at the earliest!

After cutting the vinyl on our in-house plotter, our team set about adding the text to the black sign. We laid out the sign inside one of our units, and carefully raised the temperature to ensure the proper transfer between the vinyl and dibond.

New signage frame being installed
Our install team making the wooden frame for the sign

After removing the old rotten wooden frame from the old banner, we set about making the new frame. After discovering the fence itself wasn’t level, we had to make some minor alterations to the frame to keep everything level. We used black painted batons to make up the new frame, securing them to the fence with metal brackets secured from the rear with 3 screws in each. We also added a middle strut so there would be something to screw the signs into where they join together.

new signage going up at the stadium
Peter and Declan screw the first half of the sign to the frame

Once the frame was finished, we carefully raised up the first half of the sign and placed it against the frame. Once it was confirmed straight with a spirit level, tech-screws were added at 300mm intervals, securing the sign to the frame, with little black screw covers on each of them to keep the sign looking clean!

Some adjustments were required with the second half of the sign to keep it in line with the first half. However, one it was up and you took a step back, from a distance you can’t see the join and the whole sign look like one big piece. It’s certainly now visible from the Mill Centre, something that wasn’t possible with the old sign, so fingers crossed this will get the Purdie name out there and raise the profile of Blackburn United Community Football Club.

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New Stadium Signage at Purdie Worldwide Community Stadium
The Finished Sign - it certainly stands out!
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