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Local Company – Replacement Flooring

After a small leak ended up flooding a customer’s kitchen, we were called in to fix the leak and replace all the flooring.

This week we were in our hometown of Blackburn to help a customer out with a small leak and replacing the laminate and the plywood base. What was meant to be a pretty simple job turned out to have some complications….

After removing the unit kick plates we discovered that the previous kitchen installer had cut a few corners! As you can see from the pictures below, instead of putting the gas pipes for the cooker under the floor, they felt it was perfectly fine to route the pipes on top of the floor. This resulted in a lot of trimming and cutting around the pipes to save having to redo all the gas pipework.

After laying down the initial plywood floor base the actual laminate flooring went down and clicked into place with no issues at all.

Having completed the replacement flooring in just one day, the customer was not only happy with the time it took, they also commented on how it looked much better compared to when the original joiner put the floor down. Score to us!

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