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Top Home Improvement from Purdie Property

At Purdie Property Maintenance we don’t just maintain properties, we rennovate and improve them too! Find out what the Top 10 Home Improvements are in our industry. You might even get some inspiration for your own home!

All of the figures below are based on GoCompare homeowner statistics over the past 5 years.


10) Adding an Extra Bedroom (2%)

Just making the Top 10 list of Home Improvements, are those looking to add an extra bedroom to their property. Not only will this increase the value of your home, it also makes more space for those ever increasing families! Or perhaps that extra bedroom would make an even better Man Cave or Study?

9) Getting a loft conversion (3%)

Very popular amongst council house owners, are the 3% who look into getting their loft converted into a more usuable space. Again, this home improvement will increase the value of your home. However, legally you can’t call it a bedroom, unless there is enough space for a fireman with kit on to access without issue.

8) Fitting Solar Panels (4%)

With Global Warming a very relevant topic at the moment, those looking to move away from fossil fuels are choosing solar power over everything else. With many solar grants still available from the government, it’s still easy to get solar panels added to your property. Technology has improved massively over the past few years, and the cost of these panels is continuing to drop. Now might the perfect time for this home improvement!

7) Knocking through rooms (5%)

Those that like a more open-plan layout in their home tend to favour the knocking down of a wall into another room. This style of home improvement is probably the cheapest option out of the lot. However, the biggest cost would be the surveyor to come in and ensure the wall you’re knocking down isn’t a load bearing wall.

6) Building an Extension (6%)

Probably the best way improve the value of your home is by way of an extension. From conservatories and new rooms to even garage extensions. At Purdie Property Maintenance we use registered architects to ensure planing and execution goes as smoothly as possible.

5) Installing Double Glazing (8%)

In the 80s and early 90s this home improvement was undoubtedly the most popular. By installing double glazing you not only reduce the transmission of noise, you also retain a lot more heat internally. Most modern homes come with double glazing as standard, which is probably why this home improvement isn’t higher up the list today.

4) Having a Garden Make-Over (10%)

One benefit of living in the British Isles is the amount of rain that falls. It has spoiled many a British Summer, but it also allows a wide variety of flora fauna to flourish in our colder climate. As such it’s relatively easy to have a garden make-over and populate it with some impressive plants and bushes. So it’s no surpise that Spring into Summer is the most popular time for Garden Make-Overs.

3) New Central Heating or Boiler (12%)

Unsurprisingly, more popular in the winter, is the third most popular home improvement. A new boiler or central heating unit. With the switch over from boilers with seperate water tanks, combi boilers are now in the new standard. Smaller and easier to fit than the older units, an upgrade to the central heating system is a very popular home improvement.

2) New Bathroom (22%)

Over 20% of customers picked a new bathroom as their choice of home improvement. It’s no surprise then, that more than half of our work is installing new bathrooms. We don’t use cheap suppliers either. We use HiB Bathroom products for all our installs. The quality of the product and support we get from HiB couldn’t be better, and we highly recommend their products. You can view our most recent bathroom install here.


1) New Kitchen (28%)

At the top of our list are those of you choosing to improve your home with a new kitchen! As it stands, the kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms in a house. With everyone in there for meals at least once a day. It makes sense that such a commonly used room would be the first to be improved. We use Howdens for all of our Kitchen products. For an example of our kitchen upgrades, click here.


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