Home Improvements

Value Added Home Improvements

Having just moved into their first ever home, our client was slightly disappointed when we picked up on several issues not brought up by the initial property survey.

Starting in the kitchen there was leak under the sink that had been dripping for some time. Upon further inspection we discovered that the leak had caused the floor to rot and even some of the beams would need replaced. Not only this but her electrics also needed upgrading to a more modern standard.

Having completed the kitchen with a new floor and sink, and put new electrics in, we moved onto ripping out the old bathroom.

The lights were replaced by LED spot lamps to save energy and electricity. Fresh grey smoked shower panels were added to compliment the dark grey floor we also laid.

With a completely new shower and bath we added a nice grey/white sink and toilet unit that fits perfectly.

To finish off the bathroom we added a stunning matt black full length towel rack/radiator from HiB.

With all of these home improvements finished, the home is now up to date and looking a lot more modern!

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